Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Electronic Logging Device?

In essence, an electronic logging device is a device that captures movement of a commercial motor vehicle. The requirement behind ELDs is that any time a truck is moving, the device will measure the number of miles the truck moves and will periodically provide updates regarding where the truck is located. The rule has very special requirements on how this is done. The device must capture the location of the truck at each change of duty status or at least once every hour. The device must also capture the location each time the engine is turned on or off.

While these devices are required to automatically capture drive time, all other duty statuses will require some input or intervention from the driver. For example, let’s say a driver drives for 100 miles and then stops. If the driver does nothing, the device will start an internal clock at the time the truck stops. After 5 minutes, the device is required to move the driver to on-duty/not driving status. The device is required to display a warning to the driver that it is shifting from driving status to on-duty/not driving status. If the driver does nothing else – the device will continue to keep the driver in on-duty/not driving. If the driver wishes to go off-duty, the driver must manually enter the new duty status into the device.

There are other nuances to the rule. As mentioned above, these devices are really only intended to automatically capture movement of the truck and record it as drive time. Neither the driver nor the carrier can remove drive time. All time a truck moves must be captured in the system and assigned to someone.